“In de Olofspoort”
17th century liquor and genever tasting house, liquor shop, wedding location, and podium for Classical Singing

Dear guests from 'In de Olofspoort',

How great it is that you once decided to step into de Olofspoort. We express our gratitude, gratitude to all the guests from inside and outside the country, friends, family, and faithful Olofspoorters. It is beautiful to realise that In de Olofspoort is such a special place for so many people. We still see lots of guests here from 30 years ago, but also a lot of newbies. Our tasting house gets discovered every day again. My own discovery journey started thirtyfive years ago when I, as a countryside girl, moved to the big city of Amsterdam to search for my happiness. I opened a chocolate shop in an old sugar bread bakery. I wasn't aware of the fact that all the sweetness would attract so many addicts, there were a lot of robberies, and my shop became a five-and-dime. I had little windmills, souvenirs at the window beams and boxes of candies which I sold to survive. I really couldn't go on like this any longer – financially, the end was near. This neighbourhood was a no-go area and tourists were strongly advised to remain away from it. And then a turnaround happened, and a miracle took place. There were big plans for the renovation of the city, and the Barbizon Hotel was to get erected at the head of the Zeedijk. The area was cleaned up, and young entrepreneurs with a good plan got generous subsidies. I jumped on the offer with a good business plan. My chocolate shop got converted to the current tasting house for genevers and liquors. My establishment quickly became a resting stop in the Red Light District. The Olofspoort in a sort of living room for a lot of guests, locals and foreigners alike, a meeting point, and somewhere you can sit at a table, nice and quiet. A place where time stands still, where you can relax and daydream in an atmosphere that makes you think of the Golden Age. There are no slot machines nor music coming out of a speaker. We have been organising Liquor and Genever tastings, Sing Alongs with our Jazz-O-Matic-Four and Classical Singing concerts. The opening of In de Olofspoort was on July 27, 1988, and the time flies. In the meanwhile thirty years went by and in the week around July 27, 2018 we are celebrating. It is time for a delicious nightcap:
“Het Afzakkertje” ( Settler )

Thank you so much on behalf of team Olofspoort:
Raymond Bouquet, Robby Brouwer, Adri Santegoets, Adrian Buhai, Paul Hakze,

Cheers, Riny Reiken.


There's no way you can make a business work just by yourself. How lucky I am with my dream-team. I am so grateful for having support from people who stand by me with all their hearts.

Raymond has been working In de Olofspoort for eight years now. On his 70's birthday, we had a fruity genever made as an ode to his skill and competence as a host. The drink was named after his surname – Bouquet – and is a favourite of many.

Adrian (Dumitru) Buhai, our maintenance and handyman, is always ready to help us, at the craziest times. He can come up with solutions as no other.

Adri Santegoets, my neighbour and cheerful Brabander, appeared as our saviour. This barman came to support us at the right moment.

Our youngest host Robby Brouwer is cheerful and loves a good laugh. Hospitality is in his blood; he comes from a real hospitality nest.

Ana V. Martins has worked for years In de Olofspoort as a warm and welcoming hostess. She started the translation of the Jubilee Magazine for us. From now on gradually Sandra van Beek will finish the translation.

Paulus Hakze, my boyfriend from Friesland, came unexpectedly back to my life, we hadn't seen each other for thirty-five years. In the meanwhile, he is as reliable as you can wish, Paul is like our right arm, he helps us in all fields.

I thank all the Olofspoorter team and Paul from the bottom of my heart for all their efforts for In de Olofspoort and my personal life.

Time flies by, and how much we have shared with each other. A lot of guests have had a sweet contribution to the Jubilee Magazine, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Greetings from

Riny Reiken,