The tasting house offers about 200 sorts of Dutch genevers, liquors and bitters. Our Old-Dutch spirits are unique. We serve the “Bride's Tears” in weddings. The skinny gold and silver leave slices in the liquor symbolise the happy tears of the bride. We also serve liquors like Rose Without Thorns; The Longer, The Sweeter; Perfect Happiness, and a lot more of these. Each drink has a specific story or anecdote that we reveal during the tasting. We have about 65 genevers available. Besides our broad selection of artisanal young genevers, old genevers korenwijn and fruity genevers, we also have a full offer of different genevers that matured for until 20 years in oak barrels, produced with the best sorts of maltwine and spices. The maturation gives the genever a specific old character.

* Arrangements

In our 17th-century inspired house, we offer different arrangements such as tasting of liquors and genevers, low-key concerts, or civil-registry wedding ceremonies.


We arrange tastings for groups with a minimum of 10 people. We select the genevers and liquors during the tasting event. The drinks get served at the same time or one after another so that you can compare the flavours. We take care of a professional tasting and / or Old-Dutch presentation. The drinks get presented in professional glasses. The prices below refer to regular tastings (per person), with a minimum of €195,00.

Just an idea of
– a Tasting menu:

Welcome drink: Bitter & Sweet
Smooth young Olofspoorter
Old Schermer – Old Simon
Very old Zuidam – 3-year-old Zuidam
Old Maltwine / House – Korenwijn Rutte
5-year-old Rutte

And another one:

Welcome drink: Bitter & Sweet
Inpiration – Zeeuwse Babelaar (Butter liquor)
Cherry – Strawberry
Kummel – Pepermint
Honey-Whiskey or free choice

You can come by for a beer, wine or soft drink, but also for regular spirits.
A visit to our Old-Dutch Tasting House In de Olofspoort is a higly recommended experience to the spirits enthusiast.

* Classical singing

We organise different walk-in concerts from September to May. The singers in these evenings love to let their voice flow. You can notify Riny in case you want to join. There are also private concerts, which one can have access by emailing us:

* Sing-Along evenings

The Sing-Alongs with Jazz-O-Matic-Four ( for dates look at: )

* The liquor store & Bottle club “The Thirsty Heart”

You can buy almost all the drinks that we serve per bottle (these cannot get consumed in the house). Members of the Genever Club “The Thirsty Heart” can drink from their private bottle. These are strictly personal and get diligently stored in our cabinet.

* Wedding location

It is possible to organise your civil wedding ceremony in the intimate atmosphere of our house. Our location is available seven days per week for celebrations of maximum around 30 guests. During the ceremonial, we close to the general public. Special events can get organised under request. Visits, presentations and bookings are discussed only by appointment, and this also applies during the regular opening times of the cafe.

* Our Opening hours:


* Adress

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