The tasting house is now Hartje Mokum


Some arrangements that were established in De Olofspoort, are continuing with Hartje Mokum

Riny Reiken offers tasting liquors, concerts, tours, and wedding ceremonies.



We arrange tastings for groups, a minimum of 10 people. We select the likorette-liquors during the tasting event. The drinks are served one after another in order to compare the flavors.

Our Old-Dutch likorette-liquors still are unique: ‘Bride's Tears’ is served at weddings; the thin gold and silver leave slices symbolize the happy tears of the bride. Other liquors have names like Rose Without Thorns; The Longer, The Sweeter; Perfect Happiness, and more. Each drink has a specific story or anecdote we reveal during the tasting.

Classical singing For private concerts:

Tours in the old center of Amsterdam.


Civil wedding ceremony in an intimate atmosphere.