In the Olofspoort, the famous liqueur tasting bar and jenever café in the heart of Amsterdam, existed for 30 years. Since February 2019 it does not exist any more.

In 2013, when the little, cozy café celebrated its 25th anniversary, it was officially recognized. For this special event, an Olofspoort magazine was published, filled with photos and stories about its colorful past, written by the owner Riny Reiken, the Olofspoort team and its guests. A celebration of twenty five years of sharing joy and sorrow together with guests, foreigners, locals from the neighborhood, and even with (former) prince Alexander.

This is a resume of the Dutch magazine for the foreigners, in English.

In the Olofspoort will continue with


An introduction by Riny Reiken

Under the protective branches of my adopted cedar tree at the Nieuwe Ooster cemetry park, I got inspired to write about the Olofspoort's history. Not just one story, but a jubilee book. Along with habitué and editor Ewout van der Hoog, we searched for photos, asked guests to write about their memorable visits over the years. Many looked back at pleasurable and comforting moments. I could not wait for everyone to read these moving stories, but due to dramatic, unexpected events, I had to drop the idea of a jubilee book.

Then one of our guests, the lay-out woman Roos ter Kuile, offered to make an Olofspoort magazine, and designed texts and photos. The stories about the continuous activities came to life with editorial help from journalist Sandra van Beek, varying from anecdotes about the Sing Along evenings to the Bottle Club. There have been unforgettable meetings with Majoor Bosshardt of the Salvation Army, and a beautiful benefit concert for the Augustinian Sisters.

We are lucky with the skillful host Raymond Bouquet behind the bar. Special thanks to our guests Olga and Edgar van Boven for their support with musical activities; Ana V. Martins for her inspirational support who first translated this magazine in English; Adriaan Buhai for everything. We are a team, which makes me very proud!

Between these entertaining stories, I’m telling my own, the path that lead from the polder of the Wieringermeer in the north of Holland, to Mokum, the heart of Amsterdam. I had no idea. I have caused my parents sleepless nights. When I just started to live in Amsterdam, I was too proud to admit that I missed my family and gladly would have gone back home. I just had to carry on. Since then, I have learned a lot about life and about myself. A marriage gave me no happiness. To make things worse, I dropped through a four meters high collapsing floor, a miracle that I am still alive. The blow hit hard, for months I had to recover.

Since that moment, I knew my life would change. As if suddenly shaken awake, I put an end to an unhappy relationship. With the support of my childhood friend Rennie Bonnema, I was able to do so. Our host and friend Elia Milojkovic helped me on my feet again. It took some time, but now I am enjoying this wonderful city anew.

With this magazine, we start a new chapter, thanks to my lovely team.

Proost! Cheers! Santé! Prost! Saúde! Noroc! Vashe Zdoróvje! Salud! Skal!